Who We Are

Columbus Alzheimer Care Center is a Medicare Medicaid certified skilled nursing center providing the highest levels of care to those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Our center and care plans  have been specifically designed to provide a supportive environment where individuals at every stage of this progressive disease can receive the care they need. We are dedicated to creating a comforting environment that is reassuring to both residents and families.


What We Do

Our staff undergoes ongoing specialized training to provide quality and compassionate care for those afflicted with dementia related disorders of all types. We concentrate our efforts on daily therapeutic activities which focus on enhancing individual well-being, self esteem and quality of life. Despite these therapeutic activities, we follow one very simple rule:  accommodate, don’t over regulate.  We respect each individual and strive to meet each person at his or her desired level of interaction.  Sometimes that means simply holding their hand or walking with them along a courtyard path.